What I’m Reading

Currently Reading:

The New Mind-body Science of Depression by Vladimir Maletic and Charles Raison

To Read:

Act Made Simple: An Easy-to-read Primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Russ Harris

Being No One by Thomas Metzinger

Finished Reading (a general snapshot and selection that might be of broad interest):

The Emotional Foundations of Personality: A Neurobiological and Evolutionary Approach by Kenneth Davis and Jaak Panksepp

  • This book makes a strong case that the structure of personality should be conceived of as reflecting the primary emotional systems of SEEKING, CARE, PLAY, RAGE, PANIC/sadness and FEAR, rather than the linguistic-factor-analytically derived Big 5. A thought-provoking and broadly relevant exploration of how emotion shapes personality and psychopathology. 

Carhart-Harris, R. L., & Friston, K. J. (2019). REBUS and the Anarchic Brain: Toward a Unified Model of the Brain Action of Psychedelics. Pharmacological Reviews, 71(3), 316–344.

    • An important predictive coding account of how psychedelics work. Obviously preliminary, but sketches out useful concepts that are likely to shape future neuroscience research on psychedelics.

Clayton, M. S., Yeung, N., & Cohen Kadosh, R. (2015). The roles of cortical oscillations in sustained attention. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 19(4), 188–195.

    • A really useful summary of the cortical oscillations observed in studies of sustained attention, and hypotheses of the roles of the observed oscillations. Worthwhile for anyone interested in cognitive control and EEG.

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