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The MindStew Podcast aims to explore our understanding of human psychology, with an eye to improving mental health outcomes and promoting psychological wellbeing. In doing so, I hope to put important topics and perspectives on the radar of psychology, counselling & cognitive science students and inspire them to be wise and effective practitioners.



Episode 23. Chris Letheby The Philosophy of Psychedelics

Episode 22. Ros Knight A guide to seeing a psychologist

Episode 21. Ralph Piedmont #2 – Incorporating the Numinous into Psychological Practice

Episode 20. Ralph Piedmont – The Psychological Soul of Spirituality

Episode 19. Jonathan Smallwood – The Wandering Mind

Episode 18. Jay Sanguinetti – Technoboosting Mindfulness

Episode 17. Norm Farb – Mindfulness, Interoception and Depression

Episode 16. Josef Parnas #2 – The Phenomenology of Schizophrenia

Episode 15. Josef Parnas – Phenomenology and Schizophrenia

Episode 14. Robert Krueger – Empirically-based Diagnosis and Categorisation

Episode 13. Vince Polito – Microdosing

Episode 12. Nicholas Van Dam – The Hype & Reality of Mindfulness

Episode 11. Rebecca Brewer – Interoception

Episode 10. Aliza Werner-Seidler – Preventative Mental Health Care

Episode 9. Tony Rousmaniere – Improving Psychotherapy Outcomes

Episode 8. Peggy Kern – Positive Psychology at 21

Episode 7. Lennart Verhagen – Ultrasound Brain Stimulation

Episode 6. Don Hine – Thriving in the Modern World

Episode 5. Maria Kangas – Anxiety and Depression

Episode 4. Stephen Bright – Humans and Drugs

Episode 3. Bernado Kastrup – Consciousness and Reality

Episode 2. Nigel Strauss – Psychedelic Psychiatry in Australia

Episode 1. John Malouff – Directions in Psychology