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This is a blog of my experience working towards becoming a psychologist. I’m am currently enrolled in Honours, the forth year extension to undergraduate studies in which you complete a year-long research project. After this year, the path into psychology forks, with one option to continue developing as a researcher by undertaking a PhD and the other option to focus on working directly with people, either through a Master of Clinical Psychology or a 2-year apprenticeship under a supervising psychologist. I feel that I have plenty of appealing options as I’ve had good marks to date and have been relatively proactive in terms of supplementing my studies with different experiences and connections  But I don’t yet know what I’m going to do. Hopefully my journey, whatever it end up looking like, will be an interesting one for others to learn from.

But the path to becoming a psychologist is not just about the nature of the next educational decision. I think that to be the most effective psychologist I can be, that it’s equally important to develop as a person, as someone with wisdom who lives in integrity with their values. As someone who is curious about people, their behaviour, their relationships, their experiences and their lives.

This blog will be about both dimensions of my becoming a psychologist. It feels a lot more comfortable to share only the intellectual aspect of the journey. But I’m convinced that authentically sharing the personal aspect will be of enough benefit to others to make the vulnerability worth it.

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