E5. Maria Kangas – Anxiety and depression


Today we speak with Dr. Maria Kangas, Associate Professor of Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health.

Maria is a registered psychologist with dual endorsements from the Psychology Board of Australia in Clinical and Counselling Psychology. Maria is also Director of the Clinical Psychology program at Macquarie University. Her research has focussed on coping strategies and emotional regulation relating to stress/PTSD, anxiety and mood disturbances in trauma and medical (e.g., cancer) populations, across the lifespan.

*Please accept my apologies for the recording quality. There are a number of moments where a faulty internet connection has undermined our VOIP program and resulted in a recording that was clipped in a few places.

Episode References

Dr. Kangas’ Macquarie University home page which uses a tool called Fingerprint to present a great visual representation of Maria’s research areas

Centre for Emotional Health

The HiTOP consortium, taking an empirically-driven approach to re-classifying  psychopathologies.

Emotional regulation

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