E6. Don Hine – Thriving


Today we speak with Dr. Don Hine, Professor of Psychology in UNE’s Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Don’s research is in the area of population level psychology, and specifically environmental psychology. He studies behaviour change strategies around the environmental problems that threaten the stability of life on this planet, such as climate change, pollution, resource over-consumption, and invasive species.

However, I spoke to Don primarily about positive psychology and, in particular, about the unit he recently introduced at the University of New England called “Surviving and Thriving – How to Live Well in the Modern World”.


Show Notes

1:00 – On the need for a course of how to live well.

3:23 – On measuring positive psychological improvements.

6:40 – On his approach to designing a course designed to have a maximally positive impact on student’s lives.

9:30 – Reflections on the comparison between PSYC105 course content compared to the positive psychology literature.

11:53 – What is Subjective Wellbeing and what contributes to it.

15:40 – The potential for a disconnect between meaning and happiness.

17:30 – How to get started implementing findings from positive psychology into your own life.

21:25 – The one thing that Don recommends everyone do to support their own wellbeing.

21:50 – On positive psychology versus religion as avenues to a life of wellbeing and meaning.

28:10 – Don’s research specialty and upcoming focus.

30:05 – Don’s personal journey regarding wellbeing and positive psychology.

Episode References

Don’s unit on thriving: PSYC105 Surviving and Thriving – How to Live Well in the Modern World

The PERMA Profiler – a measure of wellbeing based on the 5 pillars of wellbeing identified by Martin Seligman; positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment.

The Big Picture by Sean Carroll

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