Inviting Support for Mindstew

Running a podcast involves many tasks and takes a fair bit of work. I currently do everything myself. My other commitments prevent me from putting as much time into Mindstew as I think it deserves. Certainly I think it could be a better and more impactful resource with more effort.

Ideally this effort wouldn’t come entirely from me. There are many jobs involved with the podcast which are not my strengths. Some of these jobs could be great learning experiences for someone new to the scientific exploration of psychology, but keen to learn more. And so, I’m inviting expressions of interest in supporting Mindstew.

There are a few roles that I am especially hopeful to have others do. These are briefly listed below. However, I am also open to be support in however people can best offer it. If you want to support Mindstew in anyway, please get in touch at

Content Production

I’d love to have someone assist in the transformation of raw recordings to finished content. This role would assist with the editing of podcast recordings and ideally also edit video recordings in the shorter chunks of quality.

Research Assistance

The podcast is better when a lot of research goes in to a topic before reaching out to specific guests on the topic. I would love to find someone curious, who likes to ask big questions and who enjoys exploring for answers (or at least, better questions).